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Cremation Services By The Sea, near Boynton Beach, FL, allows families, just like yours to bypass funeral homes for direct cremation services.  For immediate low cost cremation only, contact the local leader in Palm Beach County. 

 We guarantee dignified and professional services, unmatched by your local funeral service providers. 

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As an independent cremation provider, we are focused on delivering  professional crematory arrangements. In fact, our firm is not a funeral home at all. Our direct cremation arrangements are offered to the general public by licensed professionals. Do not feel obligated to call a local funeral homes. Doing so can end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, even for simple cremation. Cremation Services By The Sea, has become a leader for immediate cremation and pre-planning crematory services. Make the right choice and contact us today. 

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Cremation Prices in Boynton Beach

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Compare cremation services and cremation costs in Boynton Beach, Delray, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and surrounding cities within Palm Beach County. We guarantee that our cremation costs less. Learn more about direct cremation services to bypass funeral homes in Boynton Beach. 

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Cremation Prices Boynton Beach, FL

For the best cremation prices in Boynton Beach, FL and other neighboring cities within Palm Beach County contact a local low cost cremation service.  Our company is founded on affordability and convenience. Today, many funeral homes in Boynton Beach are charging a premium for direct cremation services. We guarantee transparent cremation costs, simple cremation services and affordable cremation options. In fact, our business has provided these services for many years and families like yours utilize our crematory services when experience matters. Make the right choice and contact us to learn more or get started by visiting our online forms.

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Entrust a provider that offers full scheduled prices, at your fingertips. 

Paperless Arrangements

Cremation arrangements can be completed online without the need to print, fax or email.

Compare Funeral Homes in boynton Beach, FL For Cremation Services

Low cost cremation services in Boynton Beach, FL. No funeral home required for direct cremation services. Compare our direct cremation prices to funeral homes and other cremation places. 

Sea Scattering Services

Professional ash scattering services available. We do not outsource our private (unattended) services, like others do.